Sunday Mornings by a.r.r.p.

Sunday Mornings by a.r.r.p  is a collection of a.r.r.p. original printed trays and coasters created to enlighten homes everywhere with its bright colours, interesting patterns and different sizes.


The trays are made in Sweden from pressed Swedish birch and they tolerate high temperatures, alcohol and being washed in a dishwasher thanks to the melamine-coated surface.

They are made one piece at a time by hand, which means that every tray is unique.


If you like the style and concept but don’t find exactly what you want, don’t worry cause a.r.r.p.  does special orders. Maybe you like the “Retro” tray but you don’t think that it will fit in your kitchen; together we’ll make it work. For more information please go to the special orders page.