I think I might, unknowingly of course, be the protagonist in a new HBO sitcom, sort of Truman style, but with a more chick flic approach.

In the past three weeks I’ve managed to survive the closing sale for the store that I work(ed) in, which is to say the least very impressive (especially since I fell down the stairs and injured my ribs, elbows and tailbone), there’s a lot of crazy out there and it shows when you sell shoes for 49 kr (ca 5€). I now have stories for a lifetime! (including a dispute with a woman in an electric wheelchair which, I’m actually proud of saying this, I won!)

The closing party was amazing though, I might just write a teen movie screenplay about it. I really shouldn’t give any details, not because of the movie rights so much as maybe perhaps we did stuff we really weren’t supposed to. But we had tons of fun!

Waking up from the haze of the sale and the after party, I found myself literally thrown into a short film production as a stylist assistant.  It took a lot of long hours and hard work, but it was an amazing experience, I met a lot of incredible and talented people, I learned to curse in polish, and I might even got my heart broken, even if just a little ;).

I truly believe that the movie is going to be extraordinary, and I’m not just saying that because I myself made a crucial contribution as “patient with a backache and a décolletage deep as grand canyon”, but because the real actors where amazing, and the team members, despite everything, are very persistent, thorough and has an excellent eye for details and timing!

I’m really going to miss the little world we created in that rundown house in the docks, and the zorba dance by the freezing water will always stay with me as a fond memory!

And as if this wasn’t enough I started working in a new store and even better, I finally got access to my new apartment!!!! And last night I actually slept there for the first time, on the floor, but still.

So now the plan is to have some summer vacation, and to start making my new life in my very own apartment and just enjoy the ride, cause at the moment, it’s pretty great.


(follow the progress of the shortfilm on its page on fb)

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