What a week

More then 10 days has past since my last post at wordpress, a lot has happened since then. Just the other weekend I was at the Vanity teen party where some artist where exposing their creation. Quite a dull gathering If I must say, but it al turned around when the Slovakian mafia (they told us Croatian but on the radio they said Slovakian, anyway doesn’t matter) had a settlement and shot a guy in the leg just outside the party entrance. The surreal part was that the not so very bright shooter made a run for it inside the party, running like a mad man with a gun in his hand (they told me, apparently I’m not a very perceptive person), knocked over a door in the bathroom and decided to hide there. Of course nobody knew that the gunman was in the building so imagine the surprise when from the speaker we heard “There has been a shooting, please LEAVE the building” A weird but memorable night.

Other things that has happened since last time. Handed in my marketing proposal for Lacoste Spain to my teacher and he really liked it. So if anybody in Barcelona needs a marketing intern here I am , please!

Another thing I handed in was my curriculum, to a fashion hot shot nonetheless (if it works out I’ll tell you who it is), that to was quite the surreal evening, involving a very funny and sweet travel agent from New York, without her the evening would probably have been a complete disaster.

Now I’m going to my favourite class and then I’m going to spend some time with my lovely mother who’s come for a visit.

I’m posting the photos from Martas exposition below