Tote Bags

a.r.r.p.’s cotton Tote bags are both ecological and fair trade. The print is placed digitally onto the already manufactured bags, and it’s done at a local printer in Malmö, Sweden.

I opt for digital print for two reasons; one of them being that the quality of the print in terms of texture and usage of colour is outstanding and second because it’s more environmentally friendly since it uses just the amount of paint needed and doesn’t leave any paint residue.

I’ve personally tested the quality dragging my poor Tote bag thru my hectic everyday life, and I must say that even thou it has spent a lot of bike rides thru rainstorms, fallen in to heaps of snow, been trampled on on dance floors and into the washer many times, it still looks good!


Check out the different designs in the gallery, and don’t forget, I do custom orders as well!


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