The ever-changing city !

 Picture this: empty streets, total silence (except for two noisy parrots in a palm tree and a distant vespa), some dry leaves trembling in the soft spring/summer breeze, and the suddenly out of nowhere screams and fireworks everywhere. Tonight FC Barcelona plays their biggest rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona is standing still.

This is one of the things I love about this city, there isn’t a status quo, it is always transforming, standing still or moving, tomorrow is never like today. Take for example st Jordi, april 27, over night, the whole town transforms itself into a sea of roses, books and people. The town smells really different during that day and it truly is lovely (yes I am a romantic sentimentalist), and just as it came it disappears , and the day after the only trace of it is some rose petals in the gutter.

Steering the text into what is my original idea of this blogg, fashion, I attended, with Marta, Le Looks second party on  Thursday evening. The dress code of such event was extravaglam and since I’ve been foolishly romantic a girlie the last couple of weeks (designing bridal gowns and dressed in skirts and high heels naming two examples ) I decided that I wanted a skirt made of tulle. Never knew what joy beautiful non-hard tulle can result in. So I made a beautiful four-layered skirt of off white tulle and satin purple ribbons (will probably never be as girlie ever again), matched it with a black dress, nylon stockings with a seem, black pumps, and a sea blue/green short knitted jacket from Topshop. Somebody told me I looked a bit like Shirley Temple, I decided to take it as a compliment. Anyway, the party had a contest for best outfit, and of course, being Marta, and me, we didn’t apply to enter but somehow we still got to go on the catwalk, showing of our amazing (yes I am a bit full of myself today) outfits. Apparently people loved our looks and we got our picture took on several occasions, and I know that one of them is showed on one of the links on LeLook.

 Tomorrow there’s a cocktail party, and I have absolutely no idea on what to wear, I’ll think of something, but first I’ll have to figure out what to dress in tonight.

Btw Barcelona just humiliated Madrid with the beautiful score of 2-6 and the half an hour ago so silent town is full of the noise of claxons, fireworks and loud cheering.