the adventures of an old phone!

I’ve been extremely bad at updating this page. Summer is just far to busy to be sitting in front of the computer all the time, and besides, I really haven’t got anything to write about. Work is work, not the funniest place in the world, but I definitely could be worse.

I lost my phone yesterday. My friends almost congratulated me with the words, “Now you finally can buy a new one”, “It’s about time, maybe we can text you now” “You don’t think it’s stolen right??? (followed by a heartfelt laugh)”. Doesn’t matter anyway though, because last night I got it back, someone found it on a bus and gave it to the driver, who then called me and told me to meet him at the station. So I’ve got it back! I’m never going to part from that phone.

I’m late for work. I’ll post some summer pics for you.

Btw, whent to a 20’s inspired birthday picnic, really nice, real fun  to dress up.


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