Self-promoting is hard! (but necessary)

Doing publicity for yourself is one of the hardest parts of being an artist/designer, or at least it is for me. On one hand you want people to like what you do without forcing it upon them, on the other hand, how on earth will anybody see what you do if you just let it sitt, waiting, hoping that someone will stumble upon it. Then there’s the insecurity thing; ”Why would anyone buy my stuff when there’s so many awesome, beautiful and creative stuff out there?” ”Maybe this promotion post will make me loose all my credibility and my instagram/blog/facebook followers” ”I shouldn’t have promoted that post on Facebook, now everybody thinks I’m a sell out”, and my favorite ”Oh somebody liked my boosted post! 🙂 Wait, why did they like that post, they probably didn’t even see it, just happened to click cause it was sponsored” etc etc.

Oh, and the price thing! How are you supposed to value your own work? You know exactly what and how long it took to develop that pattern, but who the hell is going to be willing to pay that much (yeay insecurity), better just price it as if it was made by a big corporation and hope that I cant get some extra hours at the shoe store so that I can pay my rent.

I’m not always this bitter though, and I truly believe that some of the insecurities (if you let them) fades with age.

My biggest tip is to suck it up, promote the #### of that amazing creative thing you do, be proud and grateful of your abilities and don’t get stuck thinking about what You think other people think about you!

Ah, and one more thing before I post the promotion I doubted so much in posting that I wrote this whole thing, get an allie or a college of some sorts. Someone who really has no reason for liking your stuff other than actually liking them and the listen to them when they yell att you for doubting yourself. I got one, and she is amazingly creative, and she pushes me to take action and believe in my self!

All this just to promote my society 6 page, oh well, here it comes

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