Saturday, wait

The heater’s broke, there’s no warm water, my room is a mess and I don’t give a darn, a teacher of mine told me yesterday that I was talented and that I have a clear future in this business. How high is my ego right now?

Had a very easy Friday, went for sushi with Marta (big disappointment, lousy maki, filled with mayonnaise and crabsticks) and then we went home for some tea and a bad movie. I really should be organizing my room right now or doing some homework but I’m finding it difficult not to take the day of. I’m having some friends over for home made tonight so I really should get started.

Made a video from the photos I did for the collection this summer.

Hope that my models are pleased with the result.

Ok I give up, I’m going to start to catalogue my fabric stock, and then I’ll start with the deconstructed dress.

Enjoy the video, and the weekend.


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