Retro doodle

Retro doodle

I love to alternate my digital work with analog stuff but I’m not always very trusting in my own ability to create beautiful things by just drawing or painting. Sometimes though I overcome that insecurity and create something I’m truly proud of.

This series Retro doodle actually started out as a warm up piece to get used to a new paint brush I just bought. I was doing a series of water color floral patterns for a client and I needed to get the right control in my movements. When I had finished with the clients work I went over all my “movement” sheets and got the inspiration for this.  I scanned it and started playing with it in photoshop to see how to best repeat it and I think i managed a pretty harmonic result.  I’m very into retro pre war patterns at the moment and I think thats why I liked this one so much. And since I already scanned it I could not help but to play with the color variations as well.

In the gallery below you can see some of the products available in this pattern. For more products please follow this link!

Some of the garments available on Sprout pattern. Just choose the fabric and size then it’s as easy as cut and sew!



To find the patterns on a selection of fabrics, wallpaper and gift wrapping paper, please follow this link!