Reggae, rain and lovely company!

I’m back from Öland Roots! What an experience, so beautiful, so much fun!

Went with to first timers, and I must say that they lived I fully, their on fashion way. It’s my first festival living with someone who packed nail polish and various eye shadows, and I must say it was a lot of fun. I left them in the tent for a moment and when I came back, they where surrounded with new friends. I’ve had so much fun!

I’ve been listening to Russian Red all day, just to relax from the weekends events (my body is a bit achy after all that dancing) thinking that I maybe should pack a new bag and go to Bilbao right now. Got a very vague and not to serious “…if you tag along” and since I really love social challenges, and I always wanted to go to Bilbao, I got a disturbingly yearn for for a new adventure, but I’m to much a coward, and besides I have to meet my summer boss in like an hour.

I forgot how much I like Russian Red, I really recommend her!

I leave you with some photos from Öland.


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