Rainy Friday

Funny how easy it is for a Friday afternoon to just drift of especially when you’re tied up in front of illustrator with spotify playing Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix in the background. It is a really good album, I’m still not over the fact that I didn’t see them.  There was an interview with them in the last citizen K issue, and since it is quite a boring magazine and I was stuck for and hour and half in Liadisimo (the café next to my school) I read the piece thoroughly.

Tomas Mars (there’s a teenage crush I will never get over,love at first sight, Hultsfred 04)is still together with Sofia Coppola  so I’m expecting the soundtrack to her next movie to be the best ever, even though nothing is confirmed, yet.

After a cleansing rain (flood if you ask me) the air in this town is finally clearing up a bit, the warm humid air has knocked me out this week, so I’m hoping for a slight change in the temperature, to degrees less warm perhaps? Or maybe down to 70% humidity?


Made some changes to the necklace I gave Marta for her birthday, hers is all black, the new one is more bling bling, with acrylic gold borders.


Roc the French Bulldog


roc, the real one
roc, the real one




I finally know when I’m coming back to Malmö, June 27, now I just have to find out what I’m going to spend my summer doing, I’m feeling an autumn collection itching, so maybe, we’ll see.



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