New year, new promises, new expectations.

So much happened in 2009, that I really can’t believe that it’s over, that we entered a new decennium, that the decade in which I became a responsible adult has ended. This must mean that I’m an adult for real now, doesn’t it? I’ve done so much, gotten to know so many amazing people, learned a lot, moved to a different country, seen awesome concerts, and followed my designer dream.

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished the last ten years. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished the last three months.

I’m back in Sweden right now, recuperating from some flue like thing (probably caused by three month self-imposed sleep deprivation), there is snow outside and I’m inside pondering on if it really is wise to go for a ride on my bike or if I should take the very expensive bus.

New year’s was great! Couldn’t have asked for better company to spend this special evening with. We had a Russian theme night (I was a babushka doll) everyone was wearing fur (weird since I guess 75% of us are vegetarian) except me, which probably explains why I’ve spent the two past days in bed shivering.

My New Year resolutions are:

Not being so cynical in matters of love and relationships!

Sleep more!

Start taking pictures again!

Starting an online photo magazine!

And be healthier, and maybe take up yoga again.

Was going to say to easy up the stress but I just realised that that is no a plausible option.

Happy 2010 everyone!


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