Loooooooong day!!!!!!!!!

I will be working this summer, in Sweden of all places, first time I’ve worked there since I was 18. I must say it will be a complete delight to not have to get up early in the morning to get to the train to Copenhagen, my hours will definitely be a lot more humane.

Today my dear sister handed in my application to expose and sell my autumn collection at an event organized by STAJL by MALMÖ on august 30. I will there present a small line of women clothing, bags, hats and of course, bijouterie.  This means that I will spend most of July in the basement at my parents place drawing, sewing, knitting, decorating etc. I must confess that I’m really exited by this and I have my hopes up that it will be a success (if I don’t believe in me, who will?)

Have amongst other things today assisted as an assistant stylist in a photo shoot with actress Belén Fabra (Diary of a Nymphomaniac). I must say, phot shoots are not as glamorous as they are made out to be. The set was a museum (fundación Francisco Godia) in Carrer Diputación 250 in Barcelona in an amazing Catalan modernistic building (Casa Rupert Garriga Nogués). I should have taken photos but since there was a slight problem with the lights (went out every now and again) I passed. We camped out in the men’s restroom where we started unpacking the BIG bag of shoes, the enormous suitcase filled with clothes, the steam iron and the hats. We placed all this stuff all around the metal hanger on wheels that we also had brought.  After about an hour (I had already spent my morning in class) I had to return to school leaving my dear Marta to her luck. When I finally returned 9 hours later there where just one change of clothes left and hour later we packed it all up and left. I must say that I’m glad to see that there still are some fine gentlemen out there (the photograph, his assistant and a guy I really can’t place) who not only yelled in a cab for us but filled it with our bags as well.  Getting out of the taxi we got the same help from the gentlemen living next door.

I will now go to bed, another long day awaits tomorrow, I’m going fabric hunting :)!


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