Long due update!

Time just fly when you have so much to do and next to none spare time.

A lot has happened, and even more is happening!

I’ve got my first textile swatches (which is ridiculously exiting, pics will be up soon), wallpaper swatches ( jumping for joy!!!) and finally, my coasters (so very very very happy).

Al of thees things are actually already exposed on the internet (facebook, instagram and pinterest ) which I’m apparently much better at updating than this blog or arrpdesign.com (So sorry! I’ll do better!)

I’ve got more exiting news btw. The short movie Indrivaren I got the privilege to work on (and quickly appear in ) this summer will be shown in Cannes (!!!) and in Malmö. Since I won’t be attending the screening in Cannes (!!!) I wouldn’t miss the screening in Malmö next thursday, and neither should you if you live nearby! Here’s a link to the event, hope to see you there!



wallpaper swatches

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