Last week has begun

Interrailing was great! We went to Paris, got lost in the Louvre, ate crepes salade by the Seine, had coffee allongé at small pittoresk bars and strolde through Monmatre, and attended an evening sing a long on the steps outside Sacre Caeur.

Then we went to London. The vibrating, vivid, pulsating London. We lived at Picadilly Backpackers Hostel (if you go to London, this is a really good place to live) and therefore rigt in the center of London, and Soho. We where amazed over the good shopping, and how expensive everything else is.

We went to see a musical, Chicago,, and although our seats where pretty bad, we enjoyed it very much. We had drinks at super designed bars, and pints at real old fashion pubs. And we got to see the Tate modern, and an expo on Maison de

Martin Margiela.

We had no plan as where to go after our stay in London, which resulted in us sleeping outdoors in French city Calais. When the first train showed up at 5 in the morning and took us to Lille Flanders, we decided to take a long train ride, so we could sleep. We ended up in Antwerpen/Amberes, where we had breakfast and a nice promenade in the diamond district.  After breakfast, we took the first train to Amsterdam, and got to enjoy 3 hours in this magnificent city, before boarding the night train to Copenhagen.

I truly recommend this way of travelling, no plans, no stress, just experiencing.

My time back in Sweden has come to an end for this time.  I leave on Thursday, and I have a lot to do, amongst other thing, preparing the next issue of 42 (it’s all about vibes this time!).