Hawaii- designing outside of my aesthetic comfort zone

Hawaii- designing outside of my aesthetic  comfort zone

Once in a while I try to challenge myself  into doing things out of my aesthetic  comfort zone just to keep my designing range at the top. To help me do this I tend to follow the website Spoonflowers design challenges. The latest ones had a Hawaii theme and so I decided to do a real collection out of it.

When I make a collection I always start with an inspiration hunt, preferably on Pinterest to find interesting images. Sometimes, when I have time or a bigger budget, I also do more extensive research about the theme I choose.

When that’s done i choose a color palette to work with. In this case I might have gotten to many for my liking, but I think it works. Then I proceed to create the (first) Moodboard.

Next step is to create the shapes I’m going to use in the patterns.


And when those are sort of done the puzzling begins.

One of the hardest things about creating a pattern, I think, is knowing when to stop. I might have gone a bit overboard with this collection, because it just seems to keep growing. I just fell in love with every puzzle piece and kept going. So far the collection is 23 pieces strong and will probably get add ons further on. I will present the patterns individually in separate blogposts, but in the meantime please se the products that are already available in this series.