Good morning world!

It’s the 14th today, yesterday was saint Lucia, which means that I’m wallowing in Christmas music and spices. There’s nothing like real Christmas spirit

My mother and sister is coming down to Barcelona on Friday, and I have so much to do before they arrive. I actually woke up at six so that I could sew during two hours today, a long day awaits.

I’ve stopped talking photos, not on purpose of course, its just that the inside of the metro is just so much fun and I doubt that they let me take arty pictures at work, I mean they don’t even let me download flash player so that I can watch most designers websites.

Talking of work, I’ve got paid!!!!!!! 300€/ month. I went straight out and bought me a new black cardigan (the old one had bleach stains), two pairs of back 60 den footless leggings, a 4 shaded (grey) eye shadow and a stunning electric blue tight but elegant dress. This week I’m going to a hairdresser and maybe buy a new pair of glasses.

Now I will return to my new sewing machine (thanks to my dear auntie) and fight with the in total 11 meters of organdie fabric I suddenly got on my hands. 

Have a pleasant day


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