Sitting here listening to Seeed, contemplating the week, content over the fact that it has been a really great one, and that that the weekend that follows probably will be as good.

Weird though, thinking about that it’s only been four days since I was sitting in my parent’s house having cake and wine with good friends, feels so much longer.

Marta had her exposition, photos will be posted soon, and it went really well. I presented my 15 min long oral presentation on the skinhead culture, and I must say, the video was great and I’m really pleased of how it turned out. Always fun to make people listen to cockney rejects, especially in my class, lets just say that it isn’t really their cup of tee.

I organized my own photos of the necklace collection today. Hope you like it, and remember it’s for sale in the store Tjallamalla in Malmö (so please go in and ask for it/them)