Doodle challenge part 1!

I always hear that I’m a very scattered artist, that my stuff is never cohesive and that my body of work some times is hard to grasp. Basically what it means is that I don’t really have a style. Until recently that never bothered me, on the contrary, I love being unpredictable and just following what I feel at the moment, but lately I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Mainly because it’s effecting my commercial stuff, and because my costumers doesn’t feel that they understand what my brand is about, and therefore goes elsewhere for their trays, textiles and whatnots.

So I decide to give myself a challenge. I chose one of my most basic fine liner drawings/doodles (my doodles have basically looked the same since middle school) and I, without changing the shape, redid it. One important part of the challenge is that it can’t be done in haste.creation of doodle

finished doodle

The first challenge I did,  I did by scanning the doodle and working on it in illustrator. I worked on it on different occasions and never more than 30 min at a time. I decided to work with a pastel pallet because, that has for some reason been my most common pallet the last two years, and it’s what I perceive most to be my signature style.

First result!

I was quite happy with the result so I posted it on my society 6 page

Hope you like it, and get inspired to!