Crazy month!

November passed so fast. I can’t belive the amount of work I’ve done since I last wrote something here.

I’m on sort of on holiday right now, 4 days off and no and almost no homework, I can’t really believe it. These two days I’ve slept more than the two last weeks combined (sadly without exaggerations). My entire body is so relaxed right now that I find I hard to even write on my laptop.  It’s been really crazy, to crazy. Wake up at 6, study, go to class, have lunch at 2 in the metro, home between 8 to 9 30, eat, study until 3 or 4. My life routine for the passed fourth night, fun!

Christmas is upon us, everywhere there’s music, lights, heavy shopping, stress.  I’m listening to Ella Fitzgerald singing Christmas and I’m feeling the spirit. On Tuesday som friends are coming over and we’re going to make Swedish “pepparkakor” (gingerbread cookies) and “lussekatter” so tomorrow I’m of to Ikea to purchase Glögg (sweet and strong wine) and spare cookies and maybe a pre made gingerbread house.

Now I think I’ll take a nap, and later I’ll stroll down to the city to watch the lights and decorations.

Have a nice day


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