Work work work. Seems that all I do now a days is to work. I don’t mind it though, bit exhausted, but I don’t mind. I’m really learning a lot at Burberry, and I’m taking some really interesting classes this year at school.

Today for example we went on a fieldtrip to the opening of HM’s more luxurious brand COS. A part of me was jumping with joy as we walked in, the clothes are amazing, the decoration beautiful, the background music perfect (amongst others lykke li and Jacqee), it felt like home, got a bit struck by homesickness. Must confess that despite the fact that I love the clothes it upsets me that the collection is so very similar (practically copies) of many Swedish brands, like for example Whyred, Filippa K, Acne, Tiger, Dagmar, Rodebjer, naming a few.

It concerns me that this will be to much of a competition for my favourite store SNÖ here in Barcelona.

Well I’m stepping out for groceries.

Have a nice weekend


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