Copenhagen airport 7:15

I’m sitting here, sleepy and exhausted, with my expensive (why must everything in airports be so expensive???) breakfast yogurt pondering on why the calmness of an airport an early Sunday morning is so extremely relaxing. Maybe it is the sun that slowly reveals the open fields, the towers and the plains that spend the night or that the only sound is the roar of the engines as the heavy monsters takes of into the sky, or maybe it is just the delight to see how the airport comes to life.

What a summer! I must say that I’m really happy how it turned out! I made new acquaintances, new friends and I got to know old friends even better. I’ve been to a festival, I’ve worked, I’ve partied, I created, I sold some creations, an amazing photograph used my necklaces in an editorial! No regrets, but some what exhausted.

A bit sad to leave but I’m so excited to return to Barcelona to see what she has in store for me this semster.

There’s people around me now, and there is a man in a neon vest outside, checking the tires. I can see into the cockpit from here, the pilots have arrived. We board in a little while so I’m going to put the computer away now

Hedå Malmö

Hola Barcelona


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