Bye BCN Hello Malmö!

Bye BCN Hello Malmö!

Schools out for the summer and I’m on my way back to Sweden. Just went thru the most embarrassing security control in my life. Apparently I’d left my sharpest scissors in my computer bag beneath all of my underwear. Marta and Sofia got the year’s biggest laugh out of it; they had to x-ray the bag three times before I found the bloody scissors.

It has been a truly intense week. It started last Friday by picking up my sister at the airport and somehow ending up in a car with amazing DJ Trentemöller and his lovely girlfriend and getting free passes to his show at poble Español in the Terazza, all thanks to Emma who is the one that introduced us. I must say, it was quite the experience, and although my sister had the flu and a terrible cough and she felt really bad, neither one of us wanted to leave that party ever.

The week continued altering school, beach, collection shopping/ planning with cold long drinks in the warm Barcelona nights. A pretty nice week actually that after spending the celebration of san Juan in Razz ended with me having an interview a British fashion empire, which went so well that I’m interning as assistant designer there starting September.  I can’t wait!

As I’m writing this I look out from my planes window beholding the spectacular sea of clouds beneath me. I’m not to thrilled about going home just jet, one weeks sun and relaxation wouldn’t have been bad.  Got to enjoy the new Barcelona airport though, very Scandinavian in it’s design, a lot of light, glass, white, beige, wood and minimalism. It even has a nice atrium where you can sit and sunbath and not smoke. We found the smoking part a tad peculiar since the atrium with its massive bronze sculpture in the middle was surrounded with sand filled trays with big signs with the symbol of non smoking and with the following text beneath: smoking is not allowed on airport premises unless marked otherwise. Should have taken a photo but I got so puzzled that I forgot all about my camera.

terminal 1 arivals
terminal 1 arivals

Anyhow, I’ve got all my collections parts gathered, now starts the fun part, assembling it. The necklaces are cut out, and some of them already painted. I’m so happy, because the turned out really nice.

I think we are flying over Stuttgart now, we’re almost home, I can’t wait, it’s going to be a great summer.


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