Back in BCN

Back in business, or at least back from vacation and back in school.  Had marketing and photography and now I’m of to my good friend Marta’s first exposition “Fashion Painting”


Berlin was interesting, very monumental, very spacey, and impressive. Got to see a lot of art, just to do some namedropping, I saw a Rothko (I still can’t believe it, he’s one of my favourites), some Botticellis, a Frans Hals, Dhürer, Giotto, need I go on, it was unforgettable.

If you’re passing Berlin don’t miss the hyperrealism in Guggenheim, it’s really incredible, especially de portraits painted by Chuck Close.

Moa and Jonas sent the first pictures from the necklace collection. I’ll post my one photos later.



 Photos by

Moa Dahlin 

Jonas Bååth

Now I have to run