almost vacation!

I went fabric hunting, and I found this beautiful heavy and thick dove blue mercerized cotton for a really reasonable price. I bought 10 meters of it so it’s now officially the base for my collection. The line will be blue and black with the range starting at greyish almost lavender like blue degrading into pitch black. Haven’t decided yet if I should throw in some vivid colours in the garments or just let the colour be in the accessories.


I accidentally stabbed my left thumb with a sewing needle today in class, I’d refer to it as a rude awakening seeing how it was at 8:30 and I slept 3 hours last night. I’m a bit worried though, I must really have hit a not so small blood vessel (funny word) and some bone (I’m quite the clumsy one when I’m sleepy) and now my poor thumb is all purplish and somewhat sore.


Going to clean up my bedroom now, I sort of made a mess with last nights late night studying (almost done, just two more subjects to go!!!!), I console myself by telling me that I at least handed in the work on deadline.



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