a.r.r.p. and the frenchie

I’ve never had my own french bulldog, I’ve never even had a dog, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love dogs, cause I do, very much.

During my student years in Barcelona, my best friend and classmate had (and still has) the sweetest and quirkiest black frenchie. He was always so happy when he was hanging out with us, always wanting a cuddle or a good wrestling match in the couch.

2nd year in school (2007) we where having a more theoretical semester and I started experimenting with laser cutting and plexi outside of class to let of some creative steam. I realized that plexi made for a fun accessory and I decided to cut out a frenchie necklace for my friends birthday.

Since then, my frenchie has appeard in various ways and different shapes and colors.

It has sort of become the unofficial logo of a.r.r.p.


As requested; click on the two image/ links below to go to my fabric store on spoonflower.com

Chevron frenchie Fabric and wallpaper pattern http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/2376613