Hectic weekend

After a quick stop at Barcelona 080 showroom where i got a glimpse at ,amongst others, Georgina Vendrell, Gori de Palma, Joan Fabregas, Krizia Robustella new collections, I stuffed my lovely basket and took of for the airport! (They didn’t let me take pictures)

The Flight went really smooth, we actually landed 20 min early so I got plenty of time to change into my party outfit at the airport before runnig to the house warming party.

Went to a brilliant party last night in the outskirts of Malmö, it was called contra punkt, and the music and the venue was increadible.

I’m now going to take a quick nap before my weekend continues.

Btw, I started making my new catalouge, and tomorrow or tuesday I will go to Tjallamalla with some of the necklaces. Haven’t decided on which though.


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