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Back in Barcelona and it’s like 30 degrees C (that’s indoor temperature) and not raining. It’s not raining in the sense that there is no heavy drops of water falling down from the sky, but the humidity combined with a big grey cloud that covers probably all of Barcelona gives sensation that you just walked a heavy rainstorm and passed into the sauna. With other words, great weather for heavy intellectual activities and big physical challenges. Discovered that blogwriters To trendy to be true wrote about my necklaces in their blog. Funny thing, they said I     was inspired by Steven Shein, a designer I never heard of before but I must say that I’m honoured of the comparison because he does some awesome stuff. They also write that my necklaces can be found at Tjallamalla, witch is not true, or at least not yet. I’m planning to stop by the store next week for a refill, haven’t decided yet on which to sell in Sweden and which I decide to bring back home to sell here.

O well, I´m of to my marketing exam, hopefully it goes well so that I can visit Barcelona fashion week in a good mood.


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