2 month later!

When I said that time would pass quickly and that I wouldn’t have any spare time I never realised how accurate my prediction was. June and July passed so quickly but at the same time felt like an eternity. First part (designing) of my collection is finished and I’m quite pleased with the grade I got (I GOT A 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can’t believe it). I can’t wait for it to be confectioned and ready to wear.

So now I’m back in Sweden, and on vacation (my first summer vacation since 2003) although I’m working with the necklaces on the side. Ah by the way. The necklaces and earrings can now not only be found at Tjallamalla Malmö but also at Liadismo café in Barcelona.

Now I’m going to work on the latest issue of magazine 42, which has also sufferd some neglect due to my busy schedule. I have to say that this issue will be the best one so far so keep posted!